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Cartaz Clube Ferias Cientificas
“Do desenvolvimento sustentável, aos recursos do nosso Planeta… Oceano” *

Entries are open for another edition of theChristmas Science Holiday.

For curious children and young people among6 and 12 years, these will be held at CCVEestremoz facilities.

What relationship will there be between rocks and minerals? Did you know that not all living beings have bilateral symmetry like you? And what are the properties of Air?

You and the Metals; You and Biology; Thou and the Air;these are the themes you will find in these 3 days of activities at CCVEestremoz! Come discover "the Science hidden in the gifts of the wise men"...


Who knows if in the end, beyond all knowledge, you still get a gift?!

Come to the Centro Ciência Viva de Estremoz, experiment and explore a lot of science! You are invited, sign up, for a super fun vacation!

Scientific Holidays are held with aminimum of 6 participants.

Dates and deadline for registration*:

InDecember 19th to 21st -registration deadline: December 16th


09:30 am - 12:30 pm
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



€7.00 / day
€20.00 / week


*After that day, registrations are not accepted due to activating the personal accident insurance.

The Scientific Holidays is an organization of theEstremoz Live Science Center - CCVEestremozand have the support ofSchool of Science and Technology of the University of Évora – ECTUÉ, ofInstitute of Earth Sciences – ICT, ofMunicipality of Estremozand the National Agency for the dissemination and promotion of Scientific and Technological Culture –Live Science.

More information:
Estremoz Living Science Center, Science Space - Convento das Maltezas
Tel. 268 334 285 | Phone 968 312 768 - 912 165 111

Clube Férias Científicas 2024 |  dos 6 aos 12 anos
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