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Desenho Benjamim a ler um livro

School Ciência Viva - 2nd Year

In addition to visits to CCVEstremoz exhibitions, our team has been producing an extremely diverse series of other scientific and technological dissemination activities.
Field trips (in geology, but also in biology), birthday parties, scientific holidays, conferences (held both in the Centre's space, and in schools or other institutions), are some of the existing possibilities. We are still available to study how to collaborate on challenges that eventually they want to make us…

imagem 3ºlivro.png

The sisters Mafalda and Matilde wake up and find flamingos flying, everything seems bizarre. Already in the attic, they discover a very special book, which will make them live the dreams of Jeremias the skeleton, of the cookie frog, of the boy who wants to go to Mars in a will be difficult to want to wake up from this dream.

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