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Sun Duathlon

The DUATHLON of the Solar System – Estremoz, is an activity that is characterized by a very innovative approach, for the dissemination and promotion of the Scientific Culture that merges two sciences, astronomy

and sport, in a major national sporting event – the DUATHLON


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Solar System scientific equipment is an important educational tool

and is used, as an anchor, in terms of scientific engagement with the population.

In this national event, the Solar System at the Scale of the Municipality of Estremoz

will be used as the scientific and social link, giving the event the acronym of Sol Duatlo.


The partnership between Centro Ciência Viva de Estremoz and the National Triathlon Federation ensure the scientific and sporting component of this activity, which will be part of the 2014 championships for national and regional triathlon/duathlon athletes.

The event will consist of several stages and competitions to be held on October 25th and 26th: Young Regional Circuit, Open Competition and National Club Championship - Relay

(October 25th), PORterra Portugal Cup (October 26th). The various steps

(running, cycling and running) begin and end at the Sun totem, which is installed

in the center of the city of Estremoz and will pass through the various planets installed in the municipality, involving the various parishes.


The aim of this activity is to involve the local community as much as possible, also recruiting as many volunteers to accompany and participate in it as the Solar System at the Scale of the Municipality of Estremoz, SOL DUATLO is an event in Estremoz - City of Science a set of new possibilities and offers from and for the City.




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