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a look at our planet:

In 1960 the Earth had 3 billion inhabitants.

Since then, the population has increased by about 1 billion every 12 years.
There are, on average, more than 225,000 new inhabitants per day! This is a number that

is often overlooked and... shouldn't.
It means that, the number of people who died in 3 years of war in Syria is "reset"

in just over 1 day...

All WW1 dead are "renewed" in less than 3 months...

It takes less than 9 months to "replace" the dead from the 2nd World War!

Evidently, the horror of wars cannot be translated by arithmetic because they are

outside the ethical and moral aspects.
However, they have the merit of, in their coldness, showing the facts... It is not possible to control

population growth due to catastrophes, at least those to which history has accustomed us. And all these people consume... oil... water... meat... and pollute...

the air... the water... the soils... at speeds we could hardly imagine.
The counter made by the Centro Ciência Viva de Estremoz shows in real time how

Earth's population evolves interferes with the planet it lives on.

Time is counting...

Sustentabilidade, o tempo está a contar
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