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Desenho Benjamim a ler um livro

School Ciência Viva - 1st Year

Our educational manuals | storytelling and scientific literacy at the CCVEstremoz School.

An educational manual was created, with the literary narrative of Conto, for each of the school years of the CCVEstremoz School.

The tale is the starting point of our adventure through Science!

Capa e contracapa livro "O moinho da meia porta e o casaco da cor da lua"

“This is a story about a moth – a clothes moth – that had many siblings. They were all the same age, because they were all born at the same time, inside a very old wardrobe. wool, where it was dark and hot, but unlike its brothers, this clothes moth didn't like to live in the dark, and not being able to spread its wings. his brothers why he was not happy, his brothers answered him like this – and this is how the narration of this story will begin…” 

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