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Earth Science Observatory, Professor José Mariano Gago

Undoubtedly, one of the major problems faced by young people in understanding some of the processes that occur on our planet is the difficulty in visualizing the two-dimensional schemes they observe in classes and books in 3 DIMENSIONS.

This fact is aggravated when the objective is to understand, for example, the evolution of tectonic plates over periods of time that are measured in millions of years. With the new CCVEstremoz space, unique in Portugal, this difficulty no longer exists!

The possibility of projecting all these schemes in a huge sphere with about 2 meters in diameter, constitutes a new way of learning much more efficient.

Our team has developed / developed a series of presentations specially designed for the various levels of education, which are promoted at the OBSERVATORY with the support of our monitors and complemented with experimental activities.

It is now possible to:

  • View in 3D the GEOLOGICAL EVOLUTION OF PORTUGAL from the Precambrian to the Present; a unique way of understanding the Geology of Portugal in the context of Plate Tectonics;

  • Understand the genesis of the main MOUNTAIN CHAINS and OCEANS; the interaction between the Tectonic and Hydrological cycles over geological time;

  • Understand the relationship between the formation of a MOUNTAIN CHAIN and the CYCLE OF ROCKS; linking Plate Tectonics and modeling with sand presses;

  • Understand WEGENER's arguments from Continental Drift; from Mesosaurs and Glossopteris, to continental bridges and paleoclimatic data.

  • Understand how plate tectonics influenced / influences the DISTRIBUTION OF LIVING BEINGS on our planet; the interaction between the theories of Plate Tectonics and Evolution.

  • »Understand the genesis / distribution of some of the main GEOLOGICAL RESOURCES; that we use in the context of possible sustainable exploitation.


These are just some of the possibilities that currently exist and… we are available to explore new challenges that may be proposed to us.

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