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Science on the Street

Science on the Street International Festival of Science and Art, an unprecedented event that throughout its eight editions has boosted the creation of workspaces and resources through the creation of scientific-artistic laboratories.

To the general public who is not in any of these areas, they seem like polar opposites, one driven by "date", the other driven by emotion.
The reality is that for those working in this field(s), it is known that the similarities between the way artists and scientists work outweigh their stereotyped differences. Both are dedicated to asking the big questions placed before us:

"What is truth? Why does it matter? How can we drive a society for your evolution?".

The artistic and scientific intervention in public spaces makes the city of Estremoz a stage for experimentation and creativity, where through the existence of this space of shared creation, it is possible not only to base, inspire and better understand the scientific processes, but also to overflow them. them through the Artistic Imaginary, to a wider audience niche than the one uniquely inserted in each of these areas.

Seven companies from different areas of the performing arts conceive and create seven moments, inspired by Energy as their essence.

An event full of different shows that take place in the heart of the city, Rossio Marquês de Pombal, involving street theater, dance music, performance and many others.

" An intersection of movements and expressions that pose on the streets of the city of Estremoz where  scientific discoveries become visual poetry. Centuries are now minutes, the time of a life, a brief moment." Pedro Domingues Leal


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