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Almograve - Dobra em Turbidito

Outdoor Activities

Because we are all tired of being "closed at home", we have prepared several visits abroad… come with us!

1. Marble extraction quarry

Visit an exploration of working marbles, highlighting the processes associated with the genesis of the present lithologies, their relationship with the topography of the region; the exploration processes of this ornamental rock as well as the social, economic and environmental problems inherent to the extractive industry.

2. Why are the castles where they are? The example of Estremoz castle

The Estremoz castle tower rises more than 20m high, defying the surrounding landscape. Built in marble, from its top, it is possible to see the heaps of the quarries in the region, whose white stone carried the name of the city to the four corners of the country. But how can the history of a region be influenced by the rocks that outcrop in it? Can Geology explain the layout of the city, the design of its walls, or even the legends that are woven about it? Between scientific and historical notes, we challenge you to embark on this adventure with us: on foot, through the streets and spaces of Estremoc.

3. Why not come and visit our Solar System at the scale of the municipality of Estremoz by bicycle, with family and friends? *

This is the ideal way to get to know the beautiful countryside of the municipality of Estremoz, while discovering more about the universe where we live… In this visit we have several possibilities depending on your availability:

   modality 1 (difficulty > easy) - From the Sun to Jupiter… and back
5.5 km long and about 3 hours long.

   modality 2 (difficulty > moderate) - From the Sun to Neptune… and back
30 km long and about 4.5 hours long.

   modality 3 (difficulty > arduous) From the Sun to Pluto… and back
65 km long and 8.5 hours long.

* It is possible to rent bicycles at CCVEstremoz.

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