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Rovin of the Seas;
A Journey to the Bottom of the Ocean

Do you want to come and drive a submarine?

Do you want to feel the pressure that whales feel at 1000 meters deep?

Do you want to see what happens to a ping pong ball "dipped" at 2000 m depth?

Do you want to explore at your leisure the topography of the ocean floor that goes from mainland Portugal to the Azores and Madeira?

The Centro Ciência Viva in Estremoz is the ideal place to do this and much more in the exhibition "Rovin dos Mares; a journey to the ocean floor". Conceived and produced as part of a partnership between this Centro Ciência Viva, the Extension Structure of the Continental Shelf and the School of Science and Technology of the University of Évora, this is a new permanent interactive exhibition space that is available to all visitors.

At the controls of the Rovin dos Mares, the "Estremoz Yellow Submarine", it will be possible to participate in a fantastic voyage that will take you to submerge yourself in an ocean with 500 million years, returning to the present day in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean of the 21st century.

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Rovin dos Mares, uma viagem aos fundos oceanicos
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