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Cartaz Sistema Solar à escala do concelho de Estremoz

Solar System at Scale

Inside Estremoz Municipality

The Solar System at scale in Estremoz is a space that provides the perception of the real dimensions of the Universe that surrounds us. In order to understand these dimensions more easily, represented here at a scale of 1: 414 000 000 , the Solar System was distributed over the municipality of Estremoz. Thus, it is possible for us to understand the distances between the different stars that make up the Solar System. With a trip through the Solar System on a scale in Estremoz, we also understand that it is essentially constituted by empty space, as well as almost the entire Universe, as the distances between the various stars are many times greater than their diameters. We challenge you, then, to take a route from the Sun, placed in front of the Ciência Viva Center, to Pluto, located next to the castle wall of Évora-Monte.


Google Earth file (kmz)

Sol à escala
Pilar Marte
Pilar Marte + textos
Marte à escala
Jupiter à escala
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