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Portuguese Geology


The Geological Society of Portugal launched the challenge of the 1st Portuguese Geology Olympiads at national level, with the aim of arousing interest and stimulating the teaching and learning of Geology.

The "Geology Olympiads" are annual competitions aimed at solving theoretical questions and practical problems in Geology, aimed at Portuguese secondary school students (11th grade) and organized by the Geological Society of Portugal (SGP).


The Geology Olympiads are held annually and are organized in phases and by regions, namely: School Phase, which corresponds to the 1st phase of student selection, carried out at school level (30/01/2015); Regional Phase, which corresponds to the 2nd phase of tests, carried out at regional level (28/03/2015) and the Final Phase, which corresponds to the 3rd and last phase of tests, is national and leads to the student's clearance winner and the constitution of the planned team, formed by the first 3 classified (23, 24/05/2015).

The organization of the Final Phase 2014/15 is in charge of the University of Évora and the Centro Ciência Viva de Estremoz.


For more information: 

contact the National Secretariat: Centro Ciência Viva de Lousal by email: or by phone 269750522/520

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