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Educational Courses

The training actions are accredited (1 credit unit) for Early Childhood Educators (pre-school education), teachers of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd cycles of Basic Education and Secondary Education, of the 100 recruitment groups, 110, 230 and 520 respectively.
However, the training actions presented below can also be attended by other interested professionals. In these cases, the issuance of a participation certificate with the duration of the respective action is foreseen.


Its objectives are:

  • Contribute to improving the quality of teaching and learning by updating teachers in the area of experimental science teaching;

  • Develop scientific and didactic skills necessary for the implementation and practical activities (laboratory and field);

  • Promote the promotion, implementation and evaluation of practical laboratory and experimental activities in science teaching;

  • To provide teachers of the 1st and 2nd cycle of Basic Education and Early Childhood Educators (Pre-School Education) with training and education in science.






From Plate Tectonics to the Evolution of Life

Accreditation record: CCPFC/ACC-109077/20
Training course with a duration of 25 hours corresponding to 1 credit, aimed at teachers of groups 520.



  • Review of the main concepts related to Plate Tectonics;

  • Major supercontinents in the evolution of our planet;

  • The main stages of the evolution of Life on Earth; gradual processes and catastrophic processes;

  • The 5 major extinctions and their probable causes;

  •  Interpretation of the main geological processes that conditioned the evolution of a region of Portugal from the study of the existing rocks.


Validity: September 7, 2023


Understanding Earth through Space

Accreditation record: CCPFC/ACC-110883/21
Training course with a duration of 25 hours corresponding to 1 credit, aimed at teachers in groups 100 and 110.

Validity: 2024


Understanding Earth through Space I

Expected completion date: Between November 6, 2021 and January 8, 2022




  • A journey through the Solar System;

  • Light and darkness;

  • Physical aspects of the environment;

  • Mathematics in everyday life.

  • Timeline: Understanding Earth I

Understanding Earth through Space II

Accreditation record: CCPFC/ACC-107759/20

Training course with a duration of 25 hours corresponding to 1 credit, aimed at teachers in groups 100 and 110.

Validity: 2023




  • Climate change and Earth observation;

  • All about forces;

  • Electric and magnetic phenomena;

  • Discovering yourself.

  • Timeline: Understanding Earth II


Portugal Before History; 600 million years of evolution

A Ciência Viva Center (the one in Estremoz), a University (the one in Évora), a Research Center (the Earth Science Institute), with the support of several local institutions (eg schools, museums and geoparks), join to make an integrated program of teacher training in Geology covering Portugal from North to South.
This training program is part of the publication of the first volume of the trilogy “Portugal de Antes da História; 600 million years of evolution” by Rui Dias, professor at the School of Science and Technology at the University of Évora, Executive Director of the Centro Ciência Viva de Estremoz and an integrated member of the Earth Science Institute, will be the scientific coordinator in all actions.
A set of actions where lectures, experiences and field trips across the country are mixed to make known the geological evolution of Portugal.








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