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Because we believe that books and films are a privileged form of scientific and technological dissemination, CCVEstremoz has been producing some materials, normally integrated into collections, in which the active processes of our planet are made known.

At CCVEstremoz Edita you can find very different materials from a collection of books for the youngest, to "Lê, Pinta e Aprendiz", a collection of DVDs depicting some of the geological processes, scientific puzzles, among many other options. In our monthly newsletter it is not only possible to keep in touch with some of the most relevant scientific news today, but also to keep up to date with all our activities.

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CCVEstremoz provides a set of publications that can be purchased in our store or via the general email

Read, Paint and Learn

A collection aimed at the youngest where, through the reading of small stories, they can discover how our Planet works.

  1. Story of the Droplet of Water (Introduction video)

  2. Earth a Restless Planet

  3. Volcanoes Route

Solar System to Scale

Pluto is 5,900 million km from the Sun;
the Moon is 377 000 km from Earth;
Jupiter has a diameter of 142 800 km...

Do we truly understand these numbers?
These and many more curiosities await you...
On foot, by bike or by car, you can travel in Estremoz to one of the few large-scale Solar Systems that exist in the entire world, and better understand the Universe where we live.

Evolution; Portugal before history

Other Times, Other Worlds…
Understanding the Geology of Portugal is undoubtedly an immense task. Firstly, because it requires the integration of a series of concepts specific to the various branches of Geology, such as stratigraphy, petrology or tectonics; (…) by its nature, this book can be considered an introductory text, not only to the 1st cycle course in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Évora, but also to any 1st cycle course in the area of geosciences.

Cientific DVDs

Stone raft

In the book "Jangada de Pedra" the writer José Saramago imagines a strange journey in which the Iberian Peninsula travels across the Atlantic; just imagination? The dialogue established between the writer and the scientist ends up revealing the unexpected and wonderful geological history of Portugal.

Discovering Marble

Why are there marbles in Alentejo?
From this question, an eventful and unexpected journey takes place that takes us from the quarries to the rivers, passing through the ocean floor and the depths of the mountain ranges.

Why do things break

Daily we witness the breaking of objects.
Understanding the mechanisms that control the fracturing process helps us to better understand not only the world around us, but also the functioning of our planet, where faults appear as one of the main surface structures resulting from the dynamics of our planet.

Portugal before history...

Firm as a rock says the popular tradition referring to something that is "eternal" and "immutable". Nothing could be more misleading... The accumulation of events, on a millimeter-per-year scale, during the immensity of geological time makes any situation ephemeral and transitory. This aspect takes on unexpected proportions when applied to 600 million years of Portugal's evolution.

Didatic Materials

Didactic Puzzle "Dance of the Continents"

From Pangea to the present; 200 million years of Evolution…

Objectives: To better understand the processes that contributed to the fracture of the supercontinent Pangea and its Evolution to the current situation, namely the importance of the genesis of oceanic crust.

Analog Modeling Presses

Presses are scientific equipment used for analog modeling of geological structures. Thus, it is easier to understand Plate Tectonics, as natural processes take place over millions of years, in areas with extensions of several thousand kilometers.

It is an excellent support for those who are teaching this subject or for those who are more enthusiastic about Geology.

Objectives: Simulate the genesis of fragile structures – the faults – in similar materials – the sands. Relate the type of faults created with the geodynamic environment (divergent and convergent).

  • Hubbert press

In this press it is possible to simultaneously model divergent and convergent geodynamic environments.

  • Compression press

Compression presses are intended for modeling converging or diverging geodynamic environments and their respective structures.

Mat Didactico
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